Sunday, June 22, 2014

Into thin air.

It's 6:23!" I shouted at my travel partner and flew out of bed. "Our taxi comes in 7 minutes. Damn alarm never went off." In a flurry of clothes and toiletries we changed and shoveled our belongings into our overly full packs just in time for our taxi to arrive and take us to our next leg of the journey: Uganda. 

Damn, we're good. We said as we relished in the fact that not only did we successfully get ourselves out the door on time but that there was no "jam" on the way to Jomo Kenyatta airport. 

It all seemed too good and in fact it was. I should have known from my past experiences that nothing runs this smoothly in Kenya. However, I being overly optimistic thought nothing of the lack of queue at the Air Uganda counter upon our arrival. What I did not expect was the complete disappearance of Air Uganda overnight. And yet, here we were standing at the counter being told by two grounds crew that Air Uganda stopped service. "Did they not email you?" the woman at the counter asked. Clearly not, ma'am by the fact that I am standing here at 7:00 am wanting to check in. 

"Well, why don't you take a seat over there," she said pointing to the other stranded passengers. "The representative is on her way to help you."

"When will they be here?" 

"I'm not sure. We were told she is on her way."

And so at the mercy of the woman "on her way" we sat and waited, hoping we too would not disappear into thin air. 
Surving at Jomo Kenyatta airport continued:

1. Nairobi Java house between terminal 1 & 2 Tuskers, tea, and brownies are decently priced and will give you the patience necessary to deal with the lack of efficiency. 

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