Thursday, June 27, 2013

Welcome Home

Addis Ababa, or the "new flower", is the capital of Ethiopia. Guide books tell you 3 million people live here but in reality the city is made up of around 5 million inhabitants. Addis is not what I expected. Well to be honest I really did not know what to expect from Ethiopia. It's the heart of the Horn of Africa, the cradle of humanity, and the home of the African Union, and yet it is very clear that this place has gone through some tough times, especially under communist rule. 

Regardless I do know one thing: I am "home". Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet my great great great great...great grandmother Lucy. If you didn't know, she is 3.18 million years old and still going strong . Lucy, named after the Beatles song "Lucy in the sky with diamonds", stands a mere 3 feet tall and is the great link between modern humans and the great ape. I must say that it was pretty cool to see her and some distant cousins of us homo sapiens sapiens.  

Things to do in Addis besides seeing Grandma Lucy (that is if she is in town because she does like to travel)

1. Eat injera with a plethora of amazing sauce options
2. Go check out the local museums 
3. Drink a mango or avocado juice
4. Climb to the top of the hills that over look Addis (3200 meters high), and stop for a quick prayer at Addis first church, St Mary's.
5. Enjoy some honey wine before hitting the local markets. 
6. Eat injera 

Looking good at 3.2 million years old!

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